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Nashville Fire Fighters Association 
Local 140
Children under the age of 5 are
almost eight times as likely to die
in fire caused by playing with heat
source than the general public.
Dear Fire Fighter Supporters and Friend

I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and everyone who is supporting us through the purchase of tickets/vouchers to our family oriented events. The Nashville Fire Fighters Association represents approximately 1500 Fire Fighters and EMS, retired Fire Fighters and EMS, & widows of Fire Fighters and EMS in Nashville. Our members are employed by the city of Nashville. We represent the Association and operate as our own entity separate from the city. For your information, we are not a charity but a non-profit Professional Organization. Therefore your ticket/voucher purchases are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution for Federal Income Tax. Through the purchase of your tickets/voucher, you are enabling The Fire Fighters and EMS to carry on with the many outstanding programs and other member benefits of the Nashville Fire Fighters Association. The Fire Fighters and EMS of our nation are rated as having one of the most hazardous occupations in terms of death and injury. Working with citizens of Nashville and Davidson County, perhaps we can change these statics. 
If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 615-401-6133.

Mark Young, President 

Nashville Fire Fighter's Safety Programs:

Coats For Kids: Providing local underprivileged children with brand new warm winter coats.

Fire Safety Coloring Books: These publications provide local 2nd grade 
classrooms fire safety and fire prevention education. This is an interactive 
approach to get children and their parents/guardians more involved 
to learn proper exit strategies and skills in the event of a house fire. 

Camp Phoenix: A Summer camp for children ages 6-16 who have survived 
burn injuries; activities include swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts, 
as well as an opportunity to meet other kids who share the experience of 
having been burned, for victims in the state of  Tennessee

Muscular Dystrophy

Flash The Fire Hound: Teaching children fire safey and fire prevention education

Mur-Ci Home

American Cancer Association, American Red Cross and Salvation Army

Programs to Create Awareness: For the safety of the public, Fire Fighters and EMS

Aggressive Action: To promote fairness in the work place through legislation

Supporting Efforts: To improve benefits for retired Fire Fighters and EMS

Supporting Efforts: To improve benefits for Fire Fighters and EMS injured during the official performance of their duties

 Provided Hearing Impaired Smoke Detectors: To qualified households in Davidson County.

Create Awareness: Of Fire Fighter and Ems injuries, occupational illness & the many hazards Fire Fighters and EMS are exposed to.  
The Nashville Firefighters work on these programs while off duty and do not receive payment.  Their goal is to cut down on the accidents and deaths caused by fire.  Perhaps with your support, they will achieve this goal.
Firefighter FLASH donates over 7,000 Local 140 Fire Prevention Coloring Books, to all 2nd grade classrooms in Davidson County!

Flash discovers a lighter and matches left out in reach of children and helps kids learn that these are TOOLS and not TOYS and that an adult needs to put them away so something bad does not happen!

Nashville Firefighter's Flash The Fire Hound!
Flash Teaches Local Children Fire Safety In Schools!
This video explains to our citizens about our fund raising office. We only sell tickets to our two shows we produce each year. The tickets are sent on the honor system and no money is collected over the phone.

Bucky Covington helping us donate 80 tickets to the Rochelle Center! Such a class act, thank you Bucky!

2013 Fall Concert! Great Turnout!

Healthy Options: A Healthy Life & A Healthy Home was a success!

Thanks to so many who participated is why it was so successful! Thank you all!

We have already heard about ideas for next year and how it will be bigger & better!

The Dawgs of 25 cleaned up in the awards ... WHOOF!

Grand Prize All Around Trophy - Dawgs of 25

First Place Trophy Best Flavor - Dawgs of 25

Second Place Trophy - Chef EMS

Third Place Trophy - The Chili Peppers

Best Chili ‘Heat’ Trophy - Dawgs of 25

Best Booth Design - Dawgs of 25

Judges Favorite Trophy - Dawgs of 25

Our judges were awesome & they all told us how much fun they had!

Left to Right

Jerry Barlar News 2, Big Joe Dubin 102.5 The GAME, Demetria Kalodimos WSMV TV

Jennifer Moore Vanderbilt, Scott Couch FOX 17

Did You Know: That over 41,000 or 31% of children live in poverty in the 
city of Nashville, Tennessee?  

Winter is right around the corner, and Nashville Firefighters don’t want the children in our communities to be left out in the cold. Team up with Local No. 140 today, and give the gift of warmth to a child in need. 
 The Firefighters Coats for Kids Foundation provides brand new coats to children living in poverty.
Far beyond warmth, a new coat can free up tight family resources for other basic necessities such as food and shelter, and promotes enhanced well-being and higher self-esteem. By recieving a new winter coat, a child feels valued and proud. To a child in poverty, this is more than a coat. For some, this may be the very first new coat that child has ever recieved. 

Coats For Kids
(Click Here)
We are proud to present our annual show  starring
Thompson Square
October 12th @ 7 pm.
Located @ The Nashville Municipal Auditorium