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Dear Fire Fighter Supporters:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who is supporting us through the purchase of ticket/vouchers to our family oriented events. 

The Clarksville Fire Fighters Association, Local 3180 is not a charity but a nonprofit professional organization, therefore your ticket/vouchers are not tax deductible as charitable gifts for Federal Income Tax. Our members are employed by the City of Clarksville; we represent the Association and not the city.

Your support means a lot. We sincerely hope that our actions will warrent your contuined support in the future. The Fire Fighters of our nation are rated as having the number one most hazardous occupation in terms of death and injury. Working with the citizens of Clarksville and Montgomery County, perhaps we can change these statistics. 

David Kirkland, President

Through The purchase of your tickets/vouchers you are enabling us to carry on with the many outstanding projects of the Clarksville Fire Fighters Association. Some of these projects are:

Provide an A.E.D. (Automatic External Defibrillator) to the Soccer Complex. These devices are used to treat cardiac conditions such as heart attacks.

Providing Smoke Detectors Free of Charge at our annual Smoke Detector Giveaway. Smoke detectors are the first line of defence in home fire safety.

Wounded Warrior Program helping our military heroes injured fighting for our freedom.

Project Fuel: Sends local school children home with food to ensure hunger is not a factor in their lives.

Red Cross Disaster Relief: Provides help to families throughout Montgomery County who have been house fires or other disasters.

The Tennessee Professional Fire Fighters Association: An association that supports professional Fire Fighters throughout the state of Tennessee.
The Clarksville firefighters work on these programs while off duty and do not receive payment.  Their goal is to cut down on the accidents and deaths caused by fire.  Perhaps with your support, they will achieve this goal.

City of Clarksville Accepts Automated External Defibrillator 
from the Clarksville Firefighters Association for Heritage Park

How to use an A.E.D. - Automated External Defibrillator
The Clarksville Firefighters Association donated a $1,500 Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Plus Automated External Defibrillator (AED), along with a special alarm equipped enclosure to the City of Clarksville’s Department of Parks & Recreation for installation in Heritage Park. Mayor Kim McMillian, Clarksville Parks and Recreation Director Mark Tummons, and Deputy Director Kevin Cowling accepted the device from the Clarksville Association of Firefighters president David Kirkland and Treasurer Donnie Kazee; on behalf of the city.

This particular AED was chosen by the Clarksville Firefighters Association, because it accepts special pediatric defibrillation pads which cause the device to deliver a safer reduced charge when used on children up to 8 years old or up to 55 pounds body weight; a Long-Life lithium battery with a 4-year replacement guarantee, and a 7 Year Warranty on the device.
John Michael Montgomery and Bucky Covington Tickets to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Clarksville

Clarksville Firefighters Association Local 3180 presented 70 tickets to their upcoming fundraising concert featuring John Michael Montgomery and Bucky Covington to Amy Carroll of Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Clarksville.

Clarksville Firefighters Local 3180 has been in existence since 1988. Through the years they have provided support to a number of community organizations including Youth Athletics; Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee; and Camp Rainbow. “What we do for a living is we save lives, save property; that is what our job is, that’s what we are charged to do. When we make our donations we try to keep that focus in mind. Anything we can do to help the public that is what we are there for.”

Clarksville Firefighters 
giving away Smoke Detectors
The Clarksville Firefighters Association is conducting their annual smoke detector give-away, providing life saving devices to those in need this holiday season. The Firefighters Association is working with Manna Cafe Ministries to reach the most people in need.
“We want to make sure everyone that needs a smoke detector gets one, said David Kirkland, President of the Firefighters Association.  There is no more important device a family can have in their home for fire safety than a working smoke detector.  During the holiday season we tend to see more fires and we want everyone to remember to be safe and extra vigilant this time of year.”

The Firefighters purchase the smoke detectors with proceeds from their concert series each year.  They also work with Lowes Home Improvements for discounts on the devices, to give away as many as possible. Manna Cafe works with the homeless and less fortunate in Clarksville and is an ideal conduit to the most people in need.
For information please call 
(615) 361-5639
Clarksville Firefighters Local #3180 
and Servpro of Montgomery County donate pallet of copy paper to Clarksville-Montgomery County Teachers Warehouse
Clarksville Firefighters Local #3180 and Servpro of Montgomery County teamed together to make a donation to the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System’s Teachers Warehouse. The donation of a pallet of copy paper fills a constant need for area teachers.
“Through our contacts with Mrs. Candy Johnson we learned a lot about the Teachers Warehouse. We come to find out that one of the things that they’re always in need of, and they’re really hurting for is copy paper,” said David Kirkland, President of Clarksville Firefighters Local #3180. “I guess it’s just because of the fact that the classrooms have become much more automated; and there a lot more stuff that has to be run off, and copied.”
Kirkland continued, “bout the same time that I was talking with Candy about that, Gavin Parchman from Servpro of Montgomery County contacted me and wanted to do a joint venture with us, so i brought this to his attention and he said, “Hey let’s do it!” So we contacted Candy and we got the ball rolling on it, and the next thing you know we had a pallet of copy paper delivered down here for them. Hopefully it will last them through the Christmas break.”

“Receiving a donation of copy paper like this is simply amazing,” said Rebecca Dyer, of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation as she pointed to the large pallet of paper sitting in the background. “We go through copy paper so fast! We will buy a box, and it will be gone the same day that we buy it. The teachers are only allowed so much paper per year from the school system, and when they run out of their allocation, they have to purchase it with their own money. So this helps them a lot, because it is pretty costly.”
“The donation we received today from the Clarksville Firefighters Union Local #3180 and Servpro of Montgomery County is going to help a great deal,” said Candy Johnson, the Executive Director of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation and Community Relations Coordinator for the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System.
“Copy paper is one of those items that goes pretty quickly because it can cost $4 or $5 dollars per pack for a teacher to go out and buy it themselves.With teachers needing to make a lot of copies for students work. They get a limited number of copies each year from the schools but that can frequently run short of what they actually end up needing.”
When this happens area teachers can call on the Teachers Warehouse as a backup source. “But at times we may be out of it in the store,” said Johnson. “So when David Kirkland asked, I suggested this to them as our most urgently needed item. So they got together and donated a pallet containing over 400 packs of copy paper. What should last us until the end of October.”
Johnson concluded, “We really appreciate the support of the Clarksville Firefighters Union Local #3180 and Servpro of Montgomery County, and look forwards to working for them in the future!”

Teaming with Servpro of Montgomery County on this donation was a perfect match for the firefighters union. “What I want people to remember is if you have a house fire, once the Clarksville firefighters load their hose we’re done!” said Kirkland. “That’s when the work starts for the homeowner. The job people like Gavin with Servpro of Montgomery County do, and the work that they do in these restorations for these houses is unbelievable!”
He continued, “The headache that they take away from the homeowner after a disaster is so very important, because it’s a very emotional time for the homeowner you just lost her house, possibly lost heirlooms that you will never be able to replace well it’s bad enough that you did that now you have to go in and start dealing with cleanup, repair, and stuff like that. “
Kirkland concluded “This company comes in and does it all, and you don’t have to worry about it. It’s done, and it’s done right! We have partnered with them on some other stuff in the past, and they’re just great people to deal with.”
“When disaster strikes, we come in to help the homeowners undertake the recovery process.” Said Gavin Parchman from Servpro of Montgomery County. “We cleanup what the fire and police departments leave behind. We work very hard to ensure that the homeowner experiences a smooth recovery process.”
“We’ve are very proud to be able to team up with the Clarksville Firefighters Local #3180 to donate this pallet of copy paper to the Clarksville-Montgomery County School Systems Teachers Warehouse,” said Parchman. “We had no clue about the paper issue faced by our local teachers. So when David Kirkland and Danny Perry contacted us about possibly doing this together after the golf tournament, we said “absolutely!” And so here we are!”
We are proud to present our annual show  starring
Thompson Square
October 12th @ 7 pm.
Located @ The Nashville Municipal Auditorium